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    学校宣传片 33669 分享


    It is the study of foreignlanguages and our love of different cultures that has brought us together.



    It is in here that I havediscovered the magic of language.



    BFSU is the cradle of diplomats.



    BFSU is the start of my dream.



    Beijing Foreign StudiesUniversity is a meeting place of world’s languages.



    At BFSU you can get to know thecharm of languages.



    We are here to study differentcultures and languages.



    I like BFSU because it has themost beautiful campus.



    I am from the German Departmentof BFSU.



    I study Serbian at BFSU.



    The charm of language sparkleshere.



    BFSU, your campus is mostbeautiful.



    Every day I breathe the air of freedomand openness.



    There is mutual understanding andrespect here among different cultures.



    I hope, in future, I can become ateacher.



    My dream is to become aninterpreter.



    Yan’an in 1941 was abastion for Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression. TheRussian Department of the Military and Political University of Chinese People’sResistance against Japan and its successor Yan’an School of Foreign Languages -forerunners of BFSU - were both set up there. The first generation of teachersand students, after overcoming the hardships of learning and harsh working andliving conditions, undertook important tasks of translation and interpreting incommunicating with the outside world during the war. By doing so, they took thefirst step of the long journey from Yan'an to the world, exhibiting the outstandingglobal vision of Chinese Communists.


    After the founding of new China, this foreign language institution grewwith its motherland, participating in and witnessing the tremendous changes anddevelopment of contemporary Chinese diplomacy. Over the past 70 odd years, thisinstitution has delivered over 400 Chinese ambassadors, over 1,000 counsellors,and over 90,000 other foreign language professionals. For its achievements,BFSU has won the honour of being referred to as “the cradle of diplomats of thePeople’s Republic”.


    Starting with Russian and English, then increasing to a dozen languages,and now covering scores of foreign languages,BFSUboasts four national top-priority academic disciplines and seven of Beijing municipality’stop-priority academicdisciplines, offering programmes in all 24 official languages of the EU and all10 languages of ASEAN, and plans to increase the number of foreign languages to100 by 2020.


    BFSU has grown from an institute specializing in foreign languages andliterature to a university with a balanced development in a multitude ofdisciplines in arts, humanities, and social sciences. The university’s strategyfor academic development is to make full use of its unique character andunparalleled advantage of having a large number of foreign language programmesand at the same time to develop humanities, social sciences and inter-disciplines.


    A university attracting countless young scholars, Beijing ForeignStudies University is one of China’s top universities with distinctive featuresof its own, ranking among the first cohort of 100 national universitiesselected for priority development in the 21st century.



    BFSU boasts a large number of famous academics and erudite experts.Renowned academics, such as Wang Zuoliang, Xu Guozhang, Zhou Jueliang, and NaZhong, and foreign friends, such as David Crook, Isabel Crook, and Li Sha(Russian name Elizaveta Kishkina), dedicated their whole lives to teaching atthe university.


    Throughout its history of more than 70 years, BFSU has never lost itstrue identity. Generation after generation of BFSU staff and students, withtheir dauntless tenacity and perseverance, their unceasing hard work and struggles,have exhibited not only their sense of responsibility and their awareness oftheir mission, but also their vision and open-mindedness to embrace the wholeworld, which have enabled the university’s mission to pass from one generationto the next.



    The pursuit of excellence and perfection and the integration of liberal artsand professional education have always been two of the distinctive features ofBFSU. Fluency in language skills, broad knowledge of Chinese and foreigncultures, and cutting-edge professional expertise constitute the distinctivecore competitive power of BFSU graduates. It is due to this distinctive qualitythat BFSU graduates are able to play an active role in all walks of life aroundthe world, such as foreign affairs, translation, economy and foreign trade, journalism,law, and finance.


    We see them as entrepreneurs in multi-national corporations makingdecisions on international markets and creating global business opportunities;we see them as diplomats at international conferences, discussing internationalissues with ease and promoting world peace.



    Here, with language as the medium, the university explores the commondirection of destiny of the human race by transcending national boundaries andthe limitations of individual civilisations.


    The university is strong in linguistics and modern languages, foreign literature,language education, regional and global governance studies, comparative studiesof civilizations, and cross-culture communication. It continuously produceshigh-quality research results and cultivates international highflyers in itseffort to serve China’s national strategy.


    Our endeavour has contributed to the mutual understanding and respect aswell as tolerance and acceptance among different cultures. Wherever people comeand go, meet and communicate, there must be harmony, trust and equality.Through the efforts of BFSU staff and students, new rays of insight will emergefrom the civilization of mankind.



    BFSU’s diverse cultural atmosphere, the many challenges and opportunitiesit offers, the broad vision its advantageous platforms provide, and theinternationalisation of its orientation have illuminated the dreams of each andevery BFSU student.


    Volunteers from BFSU embrace the world with professionalism and internationaletiquette, and go to poverty-stricken areas to teach students there, in supportof equitable development in primary foreign language education.


    Here, the university staff and students are at the forefront of theeffort to let China know more about the world and let the world understand moreabout China. They embody the spirit of “tolerance of differences, breadth oflearning, practicality in action”, breathe the air of freedom and openness, anduphold the cultural ideal of “each presenting its own beauty, each helping theother to exhibit their beauty, and all beauties co-existing in harmony”.



    Starting from BFSU and in tracing the footsteps of languages, our aim isto serve the nation’s global strategy and the needs of society, to bringtogether the delights of different civilisations along the way.


    Flying over geographical barriers and crossing the boundaries betweencivilisations, we move with the world and march towards the future with ourmotherland.


    By raising the sail of courage to meet the challenges of its longvoyage, BFSU is on course for its goal to become a first-class foreign studiesuniversity with first-class disciplines in the world. In this process it strivesto be the leader of China’s foreign language education, a think tank servingthe nation’s global strategy, and an important launch pad for the disseminationof Chinese culture to all parts of the world.


    Toleranceof differences, breadth of learning, practicality in action.



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